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If you are concerned about a decision on your policy or your
claim, we want to help you and ask that you take the following

Step 1.

Explain your concerns to your insurance representative who will work on your behalf and discuss how you would like to have the matter resolved with a supervisor or manager at your insurance company. There may have been a misunderstanding that can be cleared up with this discussion. 

Step 2.

If the issue cannot be resolved with Step 1, ask your insurance representative to help you with an appeal. Your insurance representative can submit the appeal via e-mail to your insurance company. The appeal should be factual and to the point. It should explain your concern and indicate how you wish to see the matter resolved. Include any additional information or exhibits to help explain your position and keep a copy of the appeal for your records. Your insurance company will forward the appeal to the Facility Association for review by the Provincial Operating Committee, Governance and Human Resources Committee, or the Board of Directors.  Once the Committee has reviewed the matter, you will be advised of the decision.

Step 3. 

If your concerns still remain unresolved, you may contact the General Insurance Ombudservice (GIO) office in your province or territory to obtain independent assistance. A Consumer Service Officer will be assigned to work with you. For more information regarding the GIO or to determine if your concern falls within the scope of GIO services, visit the website at or call toll free 1-877-225-0446.


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