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Why does Facility Association exist?

Facility Association is an organization funded by the private
property and casualty insurance industry that makes insurance
available to “higher risk” drivers who wouldn’t otherwise be able to
get insurance.

All automobiles must be properly insured before being put on the road. Provincial and territorial legislation requires insurers to support Facility Association, because it ensures that auto insurance is available to all drivers and vehicle owners who are legally entitled to carry insurance (that is, drivers and owners with valid licences and registration).

Facility Association doesn’t issue insurance policies, but works with specific insurance companies that issue policies and handle claims on its behalf.

If you are insured through Facility Association because of your driving record or accident history, then each year that you have no convictions or accidents will help you achieve a better rate. (Typically, motor vehicle convictions stay on your record for three years, and accidents will affect your driving record for up to six years.)


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