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Q. I am a broker and need a quote for Facility Association
business, can you help me?

A. You need to contact your Servicing Carrier. They cannot give
you a quote, but they will explain the rating to help you work out the quote.


Q. Can I charge a service charge over and above the Facility Association commission schedule?

A. No. You are only allowed to charge the Facility Association commission schedule found in the Manual of Rules and Rates. No other service fees can be added. You may charge the cost of ordering an MVR or Autoplus at the rate you are paying for these reports, if you need this information to properly underwrite the risk.


Q. How do I get an updated Manual of Rules and Rates?

A. The manual can be downloaded for free from our website http://www.facilityassociation.com/manurulesrates.asp. Since there may be changes to the manual throughout the year, you may want to consider using the on-line manual only. It has the most current information and rates.


Q. What if I disagree with how the Servicing Carrier has rated my client’s policy?

A. After discussing with the underwriter, if you still disagree you must first escalate your concern to the Facility Association Project Manager at the Servicing Carrier. If there is still no resolution, you can appeal the decision by sending your concerns in writing to the Servicing Carrier.

Please refer to the Appeal Procedures on this website.


Q. I have a risk that I want to move to the voluntary market, but I do not want my client penalized by a short rate cancellation. Is there a way around that?

A. Good news. In Facility Association when a risk (excluding seasonal recreational vehicles) is cancelled and placed in the voluntary market, even it if is a non standard market, the risk is cancelled by a pro rata cancellation method. The Servicing Carrier may request proof that the policy was placed in a voluntary market.


Q. How can I get a contract to write business through Facility Association?

A. You need to complete an application (Application for appointment to a Servicing Carrier) found on our website under Underwriting/Broker Forms http://www.facilityassociation.com/forms-broker.asp and forward it to Facility Association.

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